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Risk Management (Property/Casualty) Software and Actuarial Services for Large Corporations - Introduction

Contact:Jim Postilion
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Welcome to an informational website about Advanced Relational Software. We are an experienced, highly reliable provider of risk management (property/casualty) software and actuarial services for large corporations. We specialize in custom software applications that facilitate Risk Management Department objectives through automation and incentives. We provide solutions for all audiences starting with Risk Managers and upper management all the way down to the field business managers and support personal.
Company Info
Advanced Relational Software is a privately owned, independent software company located in Arlington Heights, IL. It was started in August, 1995 by Jim Postilion (President and Principal Developer) to provide custom Risk Management (Property/Casualty) Software Solutions to select clients. The word "relational" in the name comes from the "relational" database developed in the early 90's to provide the foundation for the future and now current risk PC and distributed Web applications.
Our Approach to Software Development
We believe that a Risk Management System should save time. That is, existing company work flows and procedures should be factored into the design. This requires a custom approach, otherwise extra effort would be required every time information is extracted out of the system or input into the system.
We believe that data integrity is a priority. Everything that can be done to promote valid reporting and conversion of data must be done, otherwise confidence is eroded and incorrect decisions result. This is accomplished thru thorough data analysis and verification, as well as adaptive software designs that bring incorrect and/or missing data to the fore-front.
We believe that a Risk Management System should provide outputs that are easily understandable and useable to the target audience. This is where customization is really important because not all information should necessarily be included in a report, even though it may be readily available. Through customization, it is a simple matter to exclude irrelevant or overly complex information depending on the recipient.
We believe that a Risk Management System should provide the information necessary to support cost saving decisions and then become the vehicle for implementing them. For example: getting management support through clear/precise presentations; providing financial incentives through cost allocation, promoting safety activities through the tracking and publishing of safety scores; rolling out safety and loss control standards and procedures via web automation.
A custom implementation of our Risk Management Software will...
1) Institute cost saving incentives;
2) Demonstrate to upper management that insurance costs are decreasing and/or account for blips that portray otherwise;
3) Instill confidence in the field that their insurance charges and insurance information is being handled fairly and accurately;
4) Work within existing company work flows to interface data automatically within prescribed deadlines;
5) Support the information needs of multiple audiences: Risk Managers, Claims Managers, Accountants, Insurance Auditors, Insurance Brokers, Actuaries, Business Managers, ...etc.;
6) Take advantage of the Internet to capture and disseminate risk information to / from the field;
7) Grow in complexity only as user needs grow;
8) Help users save time through automation as opposed to being a data entry burden;
9) Interact seamlessly with Microsoft Office and related tools;
Any successful software system is a work in progress and will require some phasing over time. Please allow 3 to 6 months to develop the initial system.
IT Integration
Object code and source code solutions are available. Please have your IT Department contact us for details.